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IDEAS ANYONE? March 10, 2008

Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics.

Here is an opportunity that is not so much a corroberee of the chattering classes but more a breakdance of the bloggers. Now you do not need to be sidelined, it is possible for many more people to participate via a new wiki site: Oz Ideas: Australia 2020 Summit.

To inspire you to flex your mental muscles, check out the promotional video:

This way it will be possible to be just as energetic, creative, and innovative – and save on travel expenses.

While it is interesting to see the top ideas so far, there is, it seems to me, plenty of room for new ones.

Some Ruminations (and they may be without value) :

Of course, all our ideas are inevitably famed by our paradigms and I suspect what might be termed ideologies . Paradigms is the notion of Thomas Kuhn(1962) that science at a deeper level than checking facts is more a process where anomalies are noticed, cannot be refuted, and persist until somebody develops a new model of how nature works. The new paradigm is accepted by the leading scientists, a consensus grows slowly, until the tipping point is reached and then everybody in that field finds its intuitive and sensible to work within the new framework.

The question is then can somebody not an expert provide the ideas that will challenge the frameworks of the policy makers and implementers. There are doubtless people, perhaps with experience in the corporate world, who understand the dynamics of the process, but I expect in the first there is likely to incomprehension, denial, or some other form of resistance.

Somewhere out there is a diagram of the process. Experts by definition understand the existing paradigms. I understand it is only necessary to reach a small percentage of the experts to reach a tipping point, and implement paradigm shift. There is a possibility that a idea that nobody else has thought of works within the existing paradigm making it an invention or an innovation.

There is more to be said. . .



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