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SOMETHING FUNNY August 23, 2007

Posted by wmmbb in Multiculturalism.

I have had at least one operation before, but for this the recovery is taking its good time. To illustrate the point over about ten days, I have lost 12.5 kilos, mostly as fluid, so I am in the mood for humour. I was taken by this joke from Truthdig.



Truthdig has others and there is also Mr Fish’s collection at Harper’s Magazine. Then there is Wiley and Non Sequitur.

There has to be joke in there somewhere you and I can laugh at.




1. Mself - August 23, 2007

Keep well.

In my experience the best way to do that is to keep away from health professionals. :0)

AKA – Ignorance is bliss … and probably a way to an early grave. So ignore anything I say.

(And yes the cartoon is a good’n – a very sharp pointy good’n at that.)

2. wmmbb - August 24, 2007

Obviously, doctors know far more about medicine than I do, but I agree it does not follow that they necessarily know a lot about my condition, or so it seems.

3. Thomas Hank - July 26, 2010

That cartoon just isn’t funny. Not insulting or anything, just blah.

wmmbb - July 26, 2010

It made me laugh at the time. I know what you mean because sometimes cartoons just don’t work for us. I think our responses are very subjective.

4. no - October 28, 2011

how about “I’m a Palestinian and you’re anti-freedom”.

wmmbb - October 28, 2011

I suppose the possibilities are endless.

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