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As May draws to a close the air now has a chill in it, and the days are getting shorter.I am just getting it that I have to wrap up a bit, and cannot continue in my summer outfit. The sun goes down over the escarpment earlier, while we can see it shining over the houses closer to the ocean. There is the conscious trade off: we are cooler in summer and colder in winter. And I like to think that when the waters rise we will not inundated.

It was always problematic to get photos of the dogs – they are doing their own thing after all – but now it gets more difficult as the camera, after been dropped on several occasions – does not work with the felicity that once was the case. Still here are so photos of our daily round. Of course, you do not get to see the exciting parts, because I cannot hold the dogs and take photos at the same time. And if I tried that might be curtains for the camera as well.

Sasha in typical pose. 19 May 2007.

Dexter caught by the sunlight. 19 May 2007.

Watchdogs. 19 May 2007.Posted by Picasa


Steady as you go. 20 May 2007.

As the sun sets. 20 May 2007.Posted by Picasa

Evening light. 21 May 2007.

A green and pleasant land. 22 May 2007.

Covering each direction. 23 May 2007.Posted by Picasa

Not much of interest. 24 May 2007.

Noises from afar. 24 May 2007.

On the trail. 25 May 2007.Posted by Picasa

“Is it a kind of shadow. . . “25 May 2007.

“. . .reaching into the night, or is it a dream?”. 25 May 2007.Posted by Picasa

We will seek to board Friday Ark#140 and catch The Carnival of the Dogs before they both move on.



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