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Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics.

Although I thought it funny when I read it, perhaps Greg Sheridan is right after all. He wrote something like [“the left wing media do not publish stories that do not agree with their narrative”.] Such a comment is pretty rich coming from a writer for The Australian. While it is getting the prime spot on the ABC radio news programs, I have not seen any comment on the blogs I usually visit.

I cannot see how the fact the company owned by the Opposition Leader’s wife underpaid their staff is good news for the government, since Work Choices is their legislation. Their is a fierce argument in this household about whether it is good or bad news for Labor. I suspect that it is bad. On balance, I was interested to hear and see what others thought.

“Appendages of the world unite, we have nothing to lose but our eh! . . . appendagehood! ”


I should add Oz Politics to my blogroll. Byran and his commenters have this story covered.

Further Development – 26 May 2007

Therese Rein has said that she will sell her company WorkDirections so that there will be no conflict of interest should her husband become Prime Minister. With the closure of the Commonwealth Employment Service, the re-employment industry has been privatized. The success of WorkDirections would seem dependent on government contracts. In that context the decision seems straightforward. It seems tough for a person who is not sought public office.



1. Slim - May 26, 2007

I think Rod Cameron had it about right on Lateline last night. If anything it’s a positive – Rudd admits honest mistake, situation has already been rectified, and Kevin and Theresa will spend the weekend negotiating the intricate and difficult balance of careers, family and relationship – something experienced by mums and dads and working families all over Australia. It puts Rudd in a softer light, one that voters appreciate and warm to. In contrast, Grandpa Howard, the Man of Teflon Coated Steel, is seen as out of touch and out of time.

2. wmmbb - May 27, 2007

I agree the fact that Rudd is prepared to admit mistakes is a refreshing change.Therese Rein has announced that she will sell WorkDirections – a though but inexorable decision. You may be right, but I will be curious as to how this episode affects the polls.

3. wmmbb - May 27, 2007

I saw Howard on television this morning, Slim. I know what you mean. Not a great look.

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