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Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics.

The Howard News on ABC Online is reporting that the prime minister told his caucus:

that current opinion polls mean the Coalition would not just lose a federal election, it would be annihilated.

Let’s look for the foreground element (via Robert Fisk and Common Dreams) in this recycled package of information. Well actually it is not just the current polls? The photo shows a suitably distressed John Howard, which must have been difficult to find with the sunny economic news of late. Given that he has been reading the polls for some time, or words to that effect, and given that he is the indispensable national economic manager, he surely would have been worried about the trend for some time, and have been taking countervailing measures.

Then the prime minister made the starling admission, according to the news report: He does not have a rabbit. More so because he does not wear a hat. Avuncular Joe Hockey, Minister for Work Choices, cried “uncle” again:

“John Howard’s not a magician, he’s a leader”.

Now that might be letting the cat out of the bag. He is the ALP framing has it, “a very clever politician.” What the odds of a fear and smear campaign, beginning six months ago, with anything, anything at all.

And “electoral annihilation” means you will lose your seat, and if you keep it, all will be due to me your great and honest leader.

We are so lucky, lucky.



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