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When I remember to take water with me, the dogs relish it when we stop.Sasha got her own back at me for tying her up in the sun. I suppose the primary sense for dogs is smell, and the scent of other dogs is one they seem especially interested in. Sasha took a diversion and now I have a sore knee.

Dexter and Sasha find shade. 13 January 2006.Posted by Picasa

Ready to move. 13 January 2007Posted by Picasa

Orienting. 15 January 2007Posted by Picasa

Catching the morning sun. 15 January 2007.Posted by Picasa

Shadow play. 15 January 2006.Posted by Picasa

Triple-play. 15 January 2007. Posted by Picasa

Pause along the way. 16 January 2007.Posted by Picasa

Nobility of spirit. 17 January 2007.Posted by Picasa

Warm walk in the morning. 16 January 2006.Posted by Picasa

Opportunity to lie down. 17 january 2007.Posted by Picasa

Now this is better. 18 January 2007.Posted by Picasa

Something of interest. 19 January 2007.Posted by Picasa

As always we will seek to catch the Carnival of the Dogs and step on board with Friday Ark#120. These photos should enlarge when clicked on.



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