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Posted by wmmbb in US Politics.

At some point the question will be raised as to what – if anything – was achieved during the Bush-Cheney Presidency. George will be relieved to realize he will not have to bear the responsibility and Richard Bruce will shocked that he will.

Putting aside the disasters, and the scandals, not least Guantanamo Bay and the other torture camps and the domestic spying, there is very little to speak of. For example, there has been no initiative in relation to global warming, only denial.

I suppose Bush-Cheney might claim credit for The Patriot Act, although it is technically the outcome of Congress. As far as I am aware Social Security Reform has been abandoned. The tax cuts might be seen as credible by some, but perhaps only by the very rich and the chickens on the current account deficit must come home to roost at some future date. The failure and the stupidity of Iraq will simply not go away – which is the characteristic Bush-Cheney way of dealing with problems.


Moir Cartoon – Sydney Morning Herald.

I might be unfair here there may be some Bush-Cheney achievements? Since 1900 was there ever so unsuccessful a President and so powerful Vice President?



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