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The BBC reports that the Ugandan Government has reached a ceasefire with the Lords Resistance Army. This ceasefire has the potential to end twenty years of conflict.

Ceasefires and the establishment of peace are good things? Yes. In this case no only is the government talking to terrorists, but there is another sting:

The International Criminal Court (ICC) wants the LRA’s top officials – among them Joseph Kony – to face charges including murder, rape and forcibly enlisting children. The LRA has abducted thousands of children and forced them to fight since the conflict began.

Against the wishes of the ICC, Uganda offered amnesty to LRA leaders in exchange for the peace talks.

During the time of the insurgency, more than one million people have fled from the fighting.

Just to remind me, if nobody else, that things are not always clear cut.

The Boston Globe has a report suggesting:

The rebels, notorious for mutilating innocent civilians, enslaving tens of thousands of children, and driving nearly 2 million people from their homes, have agreed to end one of the most brutal, but least known conflicts in the world.



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