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FIXING DEMOCRACY August 28, 2006

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Liberal Democracy does not seem to be working too well, and that inevitably leads to disappointment. The reasons can be listed, and it is an expanding list. And when we look at this list we realize that nothing is perfect, and improvement is difficult, and what is worst what is claimed to be improvements are put up by politicians actually make things work as intended and add to the detriment. Nothing it seems is to be done except that the citizens of a democracy apply themselves to the seeking truth and the best way, or at least to see through the fog of propaganda, lies and half truths fed by the indifferent politicians and the media, but then it seems most citizens cannot be bothered. They have given up, yet remain fully entitled members of the democracy.

The enthusiasm for democracy still springs eternal. Why do not we apply the New England town hall meeting approach to the problems of the Middle East knowing that even at the local level roads do not get paved, or teachers get paid what they merit, on the basis that a half solution is better than no solution. Anyway there is a chance, worth taking and saving lives, that the talking cure may avert madness, provided that mechanism in democracy is allowed that provides equal opportunity even for minority opinions.

We can be certain that democracy is failing when war is resorted too between democracies. Now the “hundred year Arab Israel War” has taken on this character. The triumph of Lebanon was that its government was able to merely survive against the wanton and disproportionate aggression of Israel. The eternal shame of Israel was that it engaged in war crimes. Now that democracy, as others is overtaken by the failure of its politicians and its leaders to be held accountable, both before and after decisions were made.

So Alcibiades speaking at the time of the Peloponnesian War is looking good, when he said of democracy, “Why should we discuss acknowledged madness”? And all that can be said in return is that democracy never works, it never has, when those who participate are consumed by bad faith. Under those circumstances why would anybody in their right mind expect it to? So what is good faith in relation to democracy? What are the conditions that are necessary for good faith to be realized?



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