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Amnesty International, as reported by the BBC, has charged both Israel and Hizbullah with war crimes. They are to issue a separate report on war crimes committed by Hizbullah. In fact when comparing reports in Al Jazeera and Ha’aretz, and the BBC, Al Jazeera’s report is more damning of Hizbullah. They mention evidence such as footage on the Hizbullah TV station showing rockets launched from within settlements, and the report carries the accusation of the Israelis that Hizbullah used the civilian population as human shields, and in some instances stopped the civilian population from fleeing.

Amnesty does not believe claims made by Israel that the destruction of civilian infrastructure was simply collateral damage. They argue that the bombing of “homes, bridges, road, water and fuel plants were an integral part of Israel’s strategy”. Spokesman for Israel denied that they deliberately targeted civilians, and that all targets were cleared by lawyers. The report also says that targeting of essential civilian infrastructure water pumping stations and water treatment stations was in violation of international humanitarian law.

The climate in Israel, as reported in The LA Times, is not, as was predictable, favorable to the Government Coalition, the agitators seem to be those who expect another round of conflict and the erstwhile supporters of Israeli aggression.

Robert Fisk, writing in The Independent has an account of a civilian massacre in which a convoy of civilians given the imprimatur of safety from the UN and the Israelis was attacked by missiles killing people indiscriminately, which on the report as given appears to be a straight out massacre. Apparently, the Israelis have not provided a point by point rebuttal, nor have they to this point instituted an inquiry.

This article in The Washington Post, American policy is at odds with the emergent Middle East

Rami Khouri comments in The Daily Star. “We will create a desert and call it victory”, with the Israeli addendum. “We will create fear, and call it the measure of our survival”.

A perusal of Ha’aretz provides the following comments. If past evidence is anything to go by, then the widespread aerial bombing conducted by the Israelis may have been counterproductive as much as anything else. According to Amira Hass the occupier defines justice.

I am left wondering what will come of these charges, but it is a good thing that someone, even if an NGO, is following them up. I thought I would send some emails calling upon members of the Security Council to initiate an investigation of the allegations. The raw material for this action were taken from the Amnesty website.



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