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Here is Moustafa’s take on the bombing and murder of women and children by the Israeli State war machine. Indifference is only distance and inhumanity, read lack of imagination and empathy for the suffering of others in the guise of dispassionate analysis.

A New York Times article saw Hizbullah as a new type of 21st Century network organization that poses a threat to State war machines, as demonstrated by Israel’s tactical retreat. Humanity help us! The fact is, in these situations as the Israeli government knows, and the British government knows, you have to open dialogue with the players, state and non-state. Dialogue has the remarkable quality of humanizing your enemy, promotes rational outcomes based on agreement, not force, and so impedes mindful and mindless murder.

Military force is still being promoted as the solution to issues, on the premise that if you completely bash one side, your will get in the word of the great leader of Western Civilization, “clarity” and submission to the preordained dystopian future. Trouble is – and what does evidence matter? – this never seems to work with civilian populations, or when it appears to, it does so by embedding misery, plighted lives and violence. To the extent that this belief is held, it is evidence we have lost our moral and ethical sense, and thus perhaps the most important ingredient of our humanity. However, I do not suggest that I am always consistent, clear and logical on this point in my dealing with others, but I do see the necessity. I will be judged by my neighbours.

So what might the intellectuals contribute to the public debate? They are often better able to see through the propaganda. And that is a very useful thing to do. Consider, Juan Cole’s analysis of Blair’s false equivalence, which goes to the essence of the conflict in Lebanon and North Israel, although it does not address the question as to why does Israel seek to destroy Lebanese democracy?

I am told, via Public Interst, that Iraq has slipped off the public radar screens, even as the killing and barbarity increases. How convenient for the great leader of Western Civilization?



1. Team Fortress 2 - April 17, 2007

this is so unpredictable! so surpsrising !! this site is fantastic!! how i wish wars between coutries would stop now…

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