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THE RIGHT TO EXIST July 27, 2006

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Alan Moir – SMH – 27 July 2006

No one is to question the sacred tenet that Israel has the right to exist, but it seems that Lebanon does not have the right to exist, or the Palestinians do not have a right to exist. The murderers that the Israelis have shown themselves to be by their attack on Lebanon call into existence their right to exist. In a civilized societies, and let us suppose these are standards the world ought to apply, murderers are tried and then locked up.

It should be evident by now that the concept and practice of Israel is untenable. Can it nuclear weapons defend it? Can its much vaunted army defend it? They are good, like all bullies, at bashing up on civilians, killing children, “punishing” the Gazans and the Lebanese, but they are less impressive when they come up a determined enemy that can fight back, as perhaps Hizbullah is proving to be. The Sydney Morning Herald in its editorial today expressed the view that Israel will eventually prevail in battle, but I am not so sure. This assumption is based on Israeli success in the Six Day War, which is now all but forty years ago. May be they will. But should they win, what will they win?

Israel can never be at peace. It is an apartheid state and a military fortress. It must devour it neighbours, making a two state solution impossible, and in so doing negating itself. It continued existence rests on the ethnic cleansing of the original inhabitants, and the process of purging the original people, in diverse guises has continued relentlessly. In the suburbs of East Jerusalem by planning ordinances, in Gaza by creating a prison, on the West Bank by building the wall and stealing land and resources to create dispossession and impoverishment of the original inhabitants. Dispossession sets up the rationale and dynamic of asymmetric conflict.

In the Middle East, the nation states, including Israel, are the bequests of the imperial legacy following the First World War and the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire. Egypt may be the exception. Iraq for example was created by the British, and now is being destroyed by the Americans.

Reconciliation and truth, not dominance and submission, are preconditions for peace. There needs to be recognition of the rights, grievances and experiences of all the people involved. Somehow the people of Israel have to find space for the Palestinians and the Palestinians will have to find space for the Israelis. They need to create a new political system that will enable to live together, resolve conflicts and solve problems.

I suppose it is the task of we humans not merely to question our assumptions, but to transend our histories, not that it will change us, but that in doing so we might make possible for others to live.


Here, via CommonDreams, as I anticipated, is a dissenting Israeli view.



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