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Given the support of the United States, it seems that Israel is able to do what it likes regardless of the consequences. The Supreme Court of the United States recognizes International Law, but apparently the Government, in particular, the Executive does not.

At least two observations can be made. The fact that Israel has chosen to smash up the infrastructure of multi-cultural Lebanon speaks about the mentality of the Israeli Government. What problem to Israel does a prosperous Lebanon offer? In fact, I would expect many Israelis would consider this outcome to be a form of future security.

Hizbullah may be extremists, but they were prepared to support the Palestinians. It seems to me this widened war has been conducted on the basis of faulty intelligence. Apparently, the Israelis did not appreciate the rockets that Hizbullah had available.

It occurs to me the behavior of the Israelis might accurately be described as fascist – the presumption that some people will only understand murder and the exercise of superior military force. Fascism did exist among the Israeli Jews, as I remember reading much to my surprise prior to the Second World War as it did elsewhere. It seems that migrants from Russia brought with them a much more aggressive form of Judaism.

For other, and better informed comments see Juan Cole. The msm is mostly, in my opinion, worse than useless other than in reporting events but not providing the framing context. To illustrate this point consider what Juan Cole has to say about Bush’s overheard comment and what is reported in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Israel, premised on a single religion,and the corollary of ethnic cleansing, seems to me to be fundamentally flawed, not withstanding its democratic expressions and institutions.

Kathleen Christison has an analysis of the behavior of Israel.

HDS Greenway in The Boston Globe points out the Hizbullah is creation of Israel following its last military incursion into South Lebanon.(link lost)



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