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Photo: Reuters/Ismail Sameem (via SMH)

Sometimes news reports, such as this example, carried today in The Sydney Morning Herald deserve reflection.

The article mentions that US Air Force pilots bombed a Taliban stronghold, and a number of “suspected” combatants were murdered as a result. Of course, they could have been civilians, or non-combatants. Not one person will be held to account for these deaths.

Furthermore, the article goes on to report:

At the city’s Mirwaise Hospital, one man, with blood smeared over his clothes and turban, said insurgents had been hiding in an Islamic religious school, or madrassa, in the village after fierce fighting in recent days.

“Helicopters bombed the madrassa and some of the Taliban ran from there and into people’s homes. Then those homes were bombed,” said Haji Ikhlaf, 40. “I saw 35 to 40 dead Taliban and around 50 dead or wounded civilians.”

Another survivor from the village, Zurmina Bibi, said about 10 people were killed in her home, including three or four children. “There were dead people everywhere,” she said.

So far, no one American pilot has been held to account for the crime of murder.

And, if that is not enough, the same article goes on to claim:

The escalation in fighting came amid reports that US military officials have secretly requested a “prodigious quantity” of ammunition from Russia to supply the Afghan Army in case a Democrat president takes over and pulls out US troops.

Pentagon chiefs asked arms suppliers for a quote on a vast amount of ordnance, including more than 78 million rounds of AK-47 ammunition, 100,000 rocket-propelled grenades and 12,000 tank shells – equivalent to about 15 times the British Army’s annual requirements.

The Bush Administration is said to be worried that the next president could be a Democrat, possibly Hillary Clinton, who could abandon Afghanistan.

Alright so this latter copy is speculation, but it is a serious allegation suggesting the US Military is out of civilian political control and is now making policy. We knew that the Bush Administration was out of control.

So the American republic faces a greater threat than terrorists, real as that may be, it may faces a threat to constitutional government. Sleep on, enjoy the ride, and wake from your pleasant fantasies to a nightmare. Alarmist? – remove the battery – and sleep comfortably.

Postscript: 25 May 2006
Afghan President, according to this ABC report, has summoned the commander of the US Air Force in Afghanistan to his office to explain the civilian deaths in the air raid. There were expressions of regret that some civilians had been killed. The problem remains. No individuals are held accountable, or indited. The implication is that these deaths are incidental and the people who died do not matter. In that case, the Americans are operating on the same ethical level as suicide bombers.



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