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LOST AND FOUND May 16, 2006

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This morning I had to leave for work earlier than usual, and consequently took the dogs out when it was dark. On the premise, a questionable one, that there are no other human beings or dogs in the vicinity, I let them off so they can run around, and not be on the leads all the time.

After fifteen to twenty minutes Sasha found me as a I proceeded along the normal course. We then had to look for Dexter. After more than thirty minutes I was resigned to not finding him racing along, without harness, but he who not come to me, but nonetheless when to our back fence.

Today they, in particular Dexter, have been I am told quieter than usual. At the time these photos were taken Dexter started coughing, and at a later time in the day actually coughed up blood. So he had to got to the vet.

Dexter and Sasha back home! Posted by Picasa

And whatever I have said about Dexter, or his breed, I did not want him to die, which I thought we might have to face. The moral of the story goes to the question of taking risks. Perhaps, wisdom is a mixed blessing, especially if it is devoid of experience.



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