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Sometimes photos turn out, and often I am amazed when they half do. I am not a diligent editor. Serendipity has occurred, but rarely. Dexter in particular is not a dog for staying still, and the same to a lesser extent is true of Sasha.

If, as I do, you wish to see the enlarged versions just click on them

Dexter- a moment of enjoyment. Posted by Picasa
Taking things easy. Posted by Picasa
Dexter: Close-up Posted by Picasa
Sasha swallows some sunshine. Posted by Picasa
Interesting lizard on the window. Posted by Picasa

Resting in the grass. Posted by Picasa

A contemplative look. Posted by Picasa
Here’s looking at you.Posted by Picasa
Not at hot as summer. Posted by Picasa
OK, so I am looking?Posted by Picasa
Sasha enjoying the view. Posted by Picasa
“Time to hit the trail Dexter“. Posted by Picasa

Oh, the lizard, I have no idea what variety it is – perhaps a common type that I know nothing about.

Friday Ark is powering on, and has now reached #81, so we are looking forward to the century (A cricket reference). And do not forget Carnival of Animals at Mickey’s Musings.



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