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WHAT IS GOING ON? December 17, 2005

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Source: The Age.

I never claimed to be particularly insightful concerning the racial riots we have experienced in Cronulla and other areas of Sydney.

However, I find it incredible and unacceptable that some people want to take it further, subject to the provision that the Police are acting with accurate intelligence. We learn to day, as described in this ABC report, that further attacks are intended along beaches from Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong.

I do not understand what those who plan and participate in such activities must be thinking. There are other examples of youthful rebellion, but to my knowledge with the intended use of guns and baseball bats. They seem to be acting as if there is no limits on their behavior.

The “they” in this case, it is reasonable to infer, are young men of Middle Eastern background. Perhaps they could justify their behavior by pointing to the example of the American military in Iraq.

I know and have known a number of people who fall into this category, and they would never behave in this way. While I can recognize that provocations may have occurred, they do not excuse such behavior. The behavior of the people on Cronulla beach last week was inexcusable. It seems that some in the media have been playing the role of provocateurs. And there has been a significant failure of national leadership – but that is what we would expect.

As usual, further events will clarify the situation.



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