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Who would have thought they play rugby in Madagascar?

The BBC reports they do, and they are good enough to beat a reasonable level South African side, which means they are not too bad. Given their location, it is up to the South Africans to play the role in developing their game by providing competition. Although, they seem to be part of the Francophone rugby playing world.

Competition provides a positive role in sport, in that you think you are doing OK until you come that can play at a higher level that leads to a revaluation. The Wallaby (Australian) scrum has been struggling all year, yet England showed them up.

Tonight, I predict that Australia will beat Wales reasonably comprehensively. I hope Wales continue with their attempt to play attacking rugby. The criticism I hear of British sides is that the backs do not have quick hands. There is room for improvement in the All Blacks. They have been playing like millionaires, rather than with clinical execution in attack. I do not see Scotland even coming close. The really interesting game will between France and South Africa.

Here are my predicted scores:

Australia v. Wales======35-16=======22-24
All Blacks v. Scotland==53-7========29-10
Springboks v. France====23-19=======20-26

In the meantime, I expect to hear big things from the Makis.

27 November 2005 – A night of victory for the Northern Hemisphere countries. Wales beat Australia France beat the Springboks, England beat Samoa and Italy beat Fiji with the exception that NZ beat Scotland.

It seems to me this end of the season tour by Australia has been no preparation at all for next years Tri-Nations or the Rugby World Cup. I would expect the coach to be replaced. The All Blacks(link via cs at Troppo) have a chance to review a number of players, some of whom will not make the World Cup squad, but the problem they have is building team combinations. Remembering, it is the start of their season it is pleasing to see the improvement in Wales and Scotland. What chance of England developing skilled back play, combined with more atheleticism in the forwards?



1. liegiddesiast - January 5, 2009

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wmmbb - January 5, 2009

Thank you for the comment.

I cannot get the translation quite right.

It occurs to me that perhaps their ought to be an international competition for the emerging international countries.

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