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Women voted in some areas (AP via BBC)
Al Jareeza covered the election, mainly commenting on the facts that 12 million voters turned out and while the election was characterised by murder and violence, the election day was quiet.
The BBC report is more comprehensive, perhaps evidence we are dealing here with a Muslim nation in Central/South Asia. However,the Afghani newspapers are as pleased as punch.

Pashtun voters show id (al Jareeza) Posted by Picasa
John Simpson, the BBC World Editor observes:

It was not perfect, certainly but then nothing has been here for a very long time.And most of the Afghans you speak to, in the streets and teahouses of Kabul and out in the countryside, were delighted that the election went off as well as it did.

Cross our fingers on this, but the fact that people are delighted must be positive. That said, there appears to be some difficulty in actually knowing who to vote for, according to this AFP report.

01/10/2005 – The EU has confirmed, via the ABC News, that voting was less than perfect with instances of intimidation and vote rigging. Results are expected by 22 October. Elections in these cases are ambitious undertakings, and when seen as illegetimate may undermine the democratic process.


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