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THE REAL DUCK POND April 1, 2005

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The Duck Pond is a real place, but no longer with the volume of water it once had. Posted by Hello

If you were a sceptic, the real duck pond, or dam, does exist on the escarpment. As you can see it has suffered by the the decision to drain, and therefore destroy it as an ecological feature. Good thinking. It is now not so much a figment of my imagination, as figment of my memory.

You may be wondering about the spelling. Don’t. More often than not I cannot spell. However, on this occasion, duckpond met duckspeak, and got managled in as I recall about the 35th dictionary.

There are still ducks but difficult to make out. Posted by Hello

Going down the other end, I spot some ducks. My running shoes are covered with mud. The dogs are running wild. I am trying to take photos. Obviously, I lack the adventure and the spirit of adventure for wildlife photography. Be that as it may.

Perhaps these ducks are a little clearer. Posted by Hello

Or to express it otherwise, this is not modern art, take from me those black spots are ducks.

Maybe you can just see the ducks? Posted by Hello

Last go. Still no success. I will try again another day.

Postscript: 21 October 2012

As I was reminded this week, when I was given a ride by a neighbour, who works there, many universities, including the University of Wollongong, have duck ponds.



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