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RECORD – ONE PASSER-BY March 25, 2005

Posted by wmmbb in Blogging in general.

Pacific Black Duck. Photo: © K and P
Rowland Posted by Hello

I have just checked out the Site Meter to discover that one person passed by this blog today. That is to say, they hit the site, but they did not read anything. And the apples are rocking on. The disparity between them and Site Meter 31. I have not bothered to be careful about my observations, but I have observed it is not a consistent difference.

There are advantages in having no visitors, the chief of which is that there is no ground for concern for what is said. I dislike those visitors that troll from one blogger blog to another. I am not directing my comments to that readership, so I am happy if they do not turn up. Nor do I think that the mainstream Aussie blogdom readers will be interested in my blog. I have not defined my audience/market.

Of course, there are things wrong here. The lack of editing is one of the most important. With this blog, it seems to me, I can both publish and edit. And if anybody wants to point out any mechanical faults, grammatical or otherwise, I can fix them. Sometimes content is difficult as it was today. There was not much to comment on from the newspaper.

As far as I am concerned as a private/public writing exercise it still works, and I like to think that it is getting better.


Should you be interested, you can find more about the Pacific Black Duck at the Australian Museum site.


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