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Sasha and Taff posing. Posted by Hello

I have commented before that the dogs merely tolerate some human behavior. I suspect they find it silly. He will get over it, so let’s think about what we are going to do next. The time they are off their leads is about half the time they are out on their walk. So much for the dogs of freedom.

As for their names. Taffy is no mystery. He is a New South Welshman. Sasha I am not so sure. There may be an influence from Russian literature.

Sasha was picked up walking along the Picton road, in November 2000, near the dams that supply the Sydney area water supply. She had bleeding feet and was not in a good state. The person who picked her up advertised in the local paper, and we said we would take her. She arrived in a van with mentally disabled children. They were prodding her and doing other inappropriate things, which is why I have always sought to give her as much free reign as I could. She has a good temperament.

Sasha checking out the view from the backstep. Posted by Hello

Sash seeking the highest spot to check out what may be happening. The general messiness is my responsibility.

Taffy taking a foot bath Posted by Hello

After their walk, the dogs take a foot bath. Sasha gets very overheated so she is more ethusiastic. Taffo on this occasion is not looking very interested at all. “Maybe I will just do this to keep him happy.”

Sometimes a horse is interested, otherwise they have better things to do Posted by Hello

Sometimes the horses are interested in the dogs. They sniff them, and in thier turn the dogs lick them. I think this horse has a very expressive look.


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