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Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics.

On the news this afternoon, immediately after the announcement of the Federal Election, John Howard and his advisers have it seems adopted the audacity principle. The federal election, John proclaimed, “will be about trust”. Then there is a list which it presumably thought that his government has delivered and will continue to deliver.

“This election, ladies and gentlemen, will be about trust,” Mr Howard told a press conference.Who do you trust to keep the economy strong and protect family living standards? Who do you trust to keep interest rates low? Who do you trust to lead the fight on Australia’s behalf against international terrorism?”

Others will be better qualified than I am to assess the accuracy of such claims. What he forgot to mention is the trust we must have in a Prime Minister and a Government to tell the unvarnished truth.

It has become unbearable to continue to be constantly subject to the spin. Take a case in point. The Ministry of Defence issued a statement proclaiming that David Hicks was receiving clean clothes and towels and so forth, while somehow omitting to report that he was confined in isolation in a small cell and subject to constant visual (and we might presume auditory) surveillance every hour of the day. It is true that they have not lied in what was said, but they have omitted to tell the full truth, which we made assume was made available to them.

The Prime Minister simply fails to understand that we must be able to trust the Prime Minister. He fails to understand that all of us, at least most of us, understand this principle very well. It is with us everyday at work and away from work. Next week, for instance, I will be put to sleep, perhaps to dream, while a surgeon and a team of people around him, removes my spleen. I would like to think that I was contributing to medical science – although this suggestion was not supported.



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