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Posted by wmmbb in Blogging in general, Duckspeak.

DucksThis exercise is proving harder than I had realized, to the extent that I realized it was going to be difficult. If anything written here is of interest to anybody other me that will be a positive development. It will be more valuable, readable and relevant for me, if for nobody else when I learn how to enter hyperlinks. I used to be able to use Netscape, and the task was easy. Now I will have to experiment.

Fair dinkum, I get home from work about 10PM, have tea, listen to the radio, watch TV, check through the use list of bloggers, and then I ready for bed to wake up at 7am tomorrow. My accomplsihment between leaving work and getting home on the train was to get my medical bills sorted so I could make an application to Medicare. Then again life is about challenges. The duckpond is a work in progress. So one day, it is my dream, that the air around will resonant with quacking and other evidence of vitality.

“Quack” is an interesting word I suspect as it might be one of those words with a pre-Anglo-Saxon history. Let me just step across to Merriam-Webster to see what they have to say:

“Pronunciation: ‘kwakFunction: intransitive verb Etymology: alteration of queck to quack, from Middle English queken, from queke, interj., of imitative origin: to make the characteristic cry of a duck.”

With the cry of a duck, I am off to bed.



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